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L-How we run a project 


The design process

Designing a house for a private client is a very personal experience and the best solutions derive from a good understanding of the client’s lifestyle. This is achieved through good interaction and dialogue. For most clients this will be the first time they have gone through the process of commissioning significant building work and this may appear complex and mystifying. It is our job to make this journey as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our goal is to interpret your dreams and ambitions and turn them into reality. We will explain all that has to happen as we go along, how to comply with all the regulations and how to get the best value. A quality building requires the best from all those involved, from client to builder. We have good working relationships with some of the best builders in Cornwall and this is demonstrated by the quality of the end product.

A similar process is involved for commercial projects where it is important to understand clients’ requirements and sometimes think outside the box to find design solutions that are not only imaginative but help to improve productivity and cost efficiency.


We use presentation techniques appropriate to the needs of the project ranging from hand drafting to 3D Building Information Modelling (BIM). Computer realization using parametric tools is used for testing various scenarios such as sun path and daylighting, and computer visualizations can be inserted into photo montages for realistic presentations. We can export our models to an interactive 3D format to enable a full appreciation of the design. This is especially useful to the construction team where complex structure, M&E systems etc. have to be fully understood.


The design & construction process is getting ever more complicated and many specialities are evolving to meet the stringent requirements of today’s legislation. We have good working relationships with many expert consultants and if we do not know the answer to a problem we know where to find it.









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