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Our client wished to convert these large barns at Millbrook to holiday units.

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Insworke Farm Barns, Millbrook

The first approach of conversion was to remove the visually undesirable, tall, brick element of the barns complex and revert to the original two phases comprising the two storey and single storey stone barns forming three sides around a courtyard.

The original structure will provide concealed car accommodation and some degree of storage for use by the occupants of the barn conversions.

The robust perimeter structure is entirely retained with one or two slit windows being introduced reflecting barn owl access to provide an essential but very limited view of the estuary whist within the courtyard side of the development the original cart house structure is imaginatively restored to recreate what is believed would have been the original structure of granite posts and glazed or boarded infill.

The external materials are entirely retained with natural masonry walling and slate roof coverings, the only change being the introduction of some conservation roof lights to introduce natural light to the additional space gained within the loft areas.

The intention around the exterior of the barn is to introduce a ha-ha to provide the visual benefits of an unchanged appearance when viewed from the river, but keep cattle out of the private amenity area which can be created immediately adjoining the external periphery.

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