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S-Tinkers Cottage - External 1 - Catchfrench Design Architects near Wadebridge

Testimonial from our client

"We are delighted with how the extension has turned out.  We enjoyed the design process and the final design is great in every way - both how it looks and fits in from the outside and the internal space which is very exciting.  We enjoyed working with Catchfrench Design and T&D Carter."

A sensitive extension to this mid-19th century cottage. 

Project Highlights    
Main Contractor:
T&D Carter, Bodmin (more)
Contract Sum: 

Our Responsibilities: 
Architect/Contract Administrator
Groundworks Contractor:
W H Bond (more)

Sustainability Credentials:
Ground source heat pump


Contract Period: 
6 months

General Construction:
Masonry and natural stone


Tinkers Cottage extension
Tinker's Cottage is a charming mid 19th Century cottage built into the hillside on four split-levels.

The existing accommodation was inadequate especially when family and guests were staying as the open plan arrangement on the lower two levels and poor sound proofing of the bedrooms above gave rise to poor privacy and there was nowhere to 'escape'.

The wish was to extend the cottage by the addition of a bedroom suite with study space to be located to the rear and side of the cottage, whilst maintaining the view from the living room.

As well as creating extra space, the existing cottage was upgraded and where water ingress had been a problem this was rectified.

Completed in 2011.

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