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S-Tor Cottage - External 01 - Catchfrench Design Architects near Newton Ferrers

A new retirement home. 

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Heron Development
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Tor Cottage, Carswell

Having concluded their farming activities at the big house, we were commissioned to rebuild in a more significant, larger and more interesting manner, an Estate cottage for their retirement.

The design followed the concept of a Devon longhouse, and sits well on the cliffs above the Erme Estuary.


Our previous practice principle writes:

"We were appointed by some very nice people who had inherited an old farm near Tavistock and carried out a very conservative minded conservation project on the house which, being in Devon and our practice being in Cornwall, we submitted to the Devon County Council in the hope of winning an Arnold Sayer Award.  The judging was at the Exeter Library and Museum, a very prestigious place, and we won a commendation presented by Arnold Sayer himself.

The background is that Arnold Sayer when he was Chairman of Devon County Council was appalled at the quality of Architecture for new private housing and invented the award to encourage a better quality.

The site is near Holberton in South Hams.

Anyway we were commissioned by the clients to demolish what was there and produce a some what larger cottage.  Achieving planning consent was probably helped by Arnold Sayer being who he was and particularly with him being the initiator of a good design award.  We had to convince the Planning Officers that there were good grounds for a house being three times the size without increasing the footprint of the original building much.

The only down side was from Mr. & Mrs. Sayer’s point of view was that they had to sell their painting of Mrs. Gotch to help pay for it.

John R Wilks
25th June 2013

Award 7

 Completed in 2002.

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