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S-Upper Dibbin Close - Exterior 1 - Catchfrench Design Architects in Trevone

A small beach entrance extension to the side of the house, which will double up as a utility room.

Project Highlights    
Main Contractor: 
House Management Group (now Coastal Construction) (more)
Contract Sum: 

Our Responsibilities: 
Architect/Contract Administrator
General Construction:
Cavity Block

Contract Period: 
10 weeks


Upper Dobbin Close

Our clients wish was to extend the beach entrance to the house with the creation of a room to the side which would allow for the washing off of wetsuits and dogs, and the storage of associated paraphernalia. Originally a prism of slope glazing to the roof of this simple design would provide daylight to the kitchen covered by the extension but budget requirements reduced this to the use of proprietary roof windows set in a pitched roof covered with the same single ply roofing as the flat roof. The floor and walls (at low level) are capable of being washed down and have a floor drain.

Testimonial from our client

"The new extension has changed how we use our Cornish home, and has released space elsewhere in the house - so the impact is considerable.  There is more sunshine, better views and the place feels warmer.  We are pleased we managed to work closely with Catchfrench Design, your team and the Contractor, to end up with a scheme that was exactly what we wanted - only more so."



Upper Dobbin Close was a finalist in the South West LABC Awards 2012.

Award 20 - Upper Dobbin Close

House Management Group went along to the award ceremony.

HMG team


 Completed in 2011.


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