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S-CFD Office - Exterior 3 - Catchfrench Design Architects

New Offices for Catchfrench Design.

Project Highlights    
Main Contractor: 
M Snell & Frame 2000 (Glamorgan)

Project Period: 
9 months

Catchfrench Design

Catchfrench Design Offices

The Architectural Practice, Catchfrench Design (formerly Wilks & Vaughan Ellis) had previously been located at no. 6 West Street, Liskeard, Cornwall for many years, but relocated to Catchfrench Manor in 1989, following the acquisition of the property by the then Principal, J R Wilks. The new premises were built in the corner of the adjacent woodland when the manor was sold.

The concept that was developed was intended to wholly reflect the approach that the Farmer might have to putting up a simple building related to the agricultural business.

A Farmer’s approach to the buildings is that he not only provides them simply but generally very economically which is reflected both in the shape and style of the building and in the selection of external materials.

Ignoring the many permitted agricultural developments which have taken place, and which do not enhance their landscape setting, the better ones would comprise a pitched slate covered roof, some degree of glazing and treated sawn timber external wall cladding. The shape would be rectangular and not very wide, in order to achieve an economically spanning roof structure, and the only likely appendage to the building would be a sort of small lean-to roof that is evident on loading bays of barns in the area.

Publications and Awards

Catchfrench Design's new premises won many awards, and featured in the RIBA Architecture Review South West 2003 magazine.  A copy can be seen here.

        Award 0  Award 2  Award

Completed in 2001.

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