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Re-building and extending the run-down old mill.

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Praze Mill, Millpool

Praze Mill waquite large but very linear house constructed in the 18th Century and had been subject to a later extension and subsequently an utilitarian cart house and loft extension which in total provided a two storey building having a gross floor area of around 260 sq m.


Our clients inherited the property in 1997 with the intention of moving there in due course.    However the condition of the existing structure was not only such that it was uneconomic to restore, but also is structurally unsound as supported by our client’s structural engineer.


The clients had already worked hard to  achieve a very high standard, and entirely indigenous, restoration of the valley setting for the house.


Having concluded that the replacement of the existing house was necessary, the intention was for a four bedroom country house of similar size and similar profile to be provided, very much in the same place as the existing property.



The appearance is intended to provide for a replacement house which reflects a slightly better quality of construction than was used in the original structure but retains the philosophy of the existing building in comprising a first stage of the main house, a visually subordinate and later extension together with the further extension to provide a single storey lean-to structure at the end and the normal garden room as it is out of sight within the yard area.


It was assessed that the reclamation of the existing masonry walls in utilising the stone only as the external facing with a block work structure behind will enable the whole of the walls to the new building to be constructed utilising salvaged material.  The intention is similarly to utilise the salvaged slates for roofing and as it has been assessed that the first part of the new structure would be compatible with the reuse of the existing rag slates.  The second part might well have smaller slates and the lean-to smaller again reflecting the virtual development of a country house.  As a motor car garage would not have formed a part of a country house of the reflected age of this new structure, the applicants are intending to largely bury the garaging into a present escarpment and consequently, what is in many cases is a regrettable and isolated structure in this case is almost totally hidden buy the entrance  features.

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