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A simple timber frame, slate roofed cart house.

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Little Crugmeer Cart House
The original situation at Crugmeer was that the property now referred to as Boscreege was a barn within the holding of a Prideaux Estate tenant and in the early 1980’s we obtained a grant of planning consent for the conversion of the barn to full residential unit. Subsequently, the property was sold and further planning consent gained which enlarged the original barn and it has now for some years been used as family residence.

Within the curtilage of Boscreege, there exists a very small two storey barn which has an intrinsic robustness due to the lack of openings in its walling and as the objective of this planning application is to achieve garaging for the present owners, this was considered but discarded on the grounds that it would be disadvantageous to the existing structure to introduce the large opening necessary to achieve garaging.

The frontage area at Boscreege is quite extensive and landscaped in a simple manner appropriate to what would have been a farmyard setting and the present total lack of car accommodation and the visibly evident parking that occurs is not advantageous to the ANOB landscape setting or to the buildings which have been retained by conversion. Consequently, the intention is to provide garaging at Boscreege to provide visual concealment of the cars and to achieve the practical benefit of their protection.

The most obvious way of achieving this visual concealment and ideally without the introduction of unsightly garage doors is by the introduction of a replicate cart house which faces away from the public highway.

Adopting the approach that would be taken by a farmer in trying to achieve a cart house in its yard, for simple practical reasons and to avoid duplicating construction work, he would have made best use of the existing robust hedging against the highway boundary utilising this as his protecting wall and support a simple slate covered pitched roof from the hedging with a timber framework and timber cladding on the ends.

Consequently, the concept of the design for this garaging reflects what would have been appropriate had it been implemented as a cart house by the farmer prior to his taking residential use.

Whist by itself it would not require a statutory submission in conjunction with other works the application includes provision of a discreetly arranged garden store set behind and below the existing hedge bank. The roof is of natural slate and finished with untreated timber cladding.


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