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St Nicholas School, Downderry - Concept 01

Extension to the village school, and explore the ideas of a new school.

St Nicolas C of E VA Primary School, Downderry
We were involved in a project to build a new landmark primary school on the coast of South East Cornwall.

The site lies on the cliff top with good access to the sea and fore shore. The school will have facilities to enable the inclusion of the local community and for use as a regional educational resource. There is also scope for the school to become a specialist centre for marine studies, including research into sustainable energy sources using tidal, wave and wind power in addition to the more usual sustainability issues which would be required for any new school.

The initial stage was to produce a feasibility study which looked at all possibilities for this unique location.

The aim was to alleviate the congestion of the staff room, improve the welfare facilities and provide library facilities that were undisturbed to allow the proper delivery of the curriculum. 

The proposal also looked at rearranging the toilet and kitchen facilities and improving the landscape immediately outside. 

There were no DDA provision of toilet facilities (or other DDA considerations) and it was considered reasonable to endeavour to provide them at this stage.

The budget for all of these works was in the region of £14,000.

Completed in 2009.


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