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A 16th century Cornish home. 

Toll Cottage

The cottage, acquired by John Wilks and his wife for their retirement, is of 16th century origin, a very traditional cob cottage with a thatched roof set on one side of the valley between the sea and St. Keverne and cut deeply into the steeply sloping valley side.

The property had been altered by a local Quantity Surveyor in the manner in which these people manage to do things that Architects do not feel able, in putting a very large flat roof extension on the rear which enabled a relatively small cottage to provide generous accommodation. This provided the opportunity for yet further extensions to fill in the gaps between the steeply sloping hillside and the previous extension and for a spacious well fitted building with modern amenities still maintaining the traditional appearance of a period cottage.

Not being capable of leaving well alone, our retiring architect introduced idiosyncratic features to the valley frontage in providing a thatched canopied porch leading to the front door which is kept permanently locked, providing a small gabled window to the central bedroom which now has a settee in front of it and precludes the benefits of being able to stand to look out across the valley and a thatched canopy before the garage which serves no purpose whatsoever.

These features, whilst being quite useless, greatly enhance the appearance of Toll Cottage as illustrated in the 2011 village calendar.

At the top of the garden is a small studio.

Completed in 2004.

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