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L-Zaggy Lane - Complete 01 - Catchfrench Design Architects in Callington

A single dwelling in an extraordinarily narrow site.

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Ellerby Cottage, Zaggy Lane, Callington

The extraordinarily narrow site had been left unused for many years and is within the Conservation Area of Callington. 

Although the proposal for a single two-storey house produced a building larger than the originally intended single bedroom units, the design was developed to fragment the mass of the accommodation into smaller units achieving visual compatibility with the better elements of the conservation area.  The overall height and size of the house is well related to the existing cottages in Zaggy Lane and the canopied ceilings keep the roofs fairly low.

The external materials are indigenous to the town and comprise of natural slate roofing, some areas of scantle slate hanging which are common on the older timber frame buildings in Callington and larger areas of colour washed stucco rendering.

The existing visually dominant element of the masonry boundary walling was reconstructed to continue along the frontage and contain the private amenity space.

On site car parking was provided within the site taking the form of a car port which avoided the unsightly appearance of garage doors.

Completed in 2003.

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